What do we offer?

Here we list all the features of our software. The tool is under continuous development and new features are added on a regular basis. 

BankID signing

Swedish BankID can be used to sign your documents.

Freja eID signing

Freja eID can also be used to sign your documents.

SMS signing

SMS verification can be used for signing documents.

Agreement archive

Do you send out contracts for signature? Use the Agreement archive to receive reminders when the agreement expires.

Access requirements

Are several people using the system? Our easy-to-use tool "Groups" is available to solve your access requirements.

Signing order

You can choose which order the signees should sign the document. When the first signee/signees in the queue have signed, an invitation to the next in order will be sent out. Simple!

Address book

Is it often the same people who sign? Then add them to the address book for easy administration.

Automatic reminders

Did the signee forget to sign? Use our automatic reminder function to avoid having to think about it.

Delivery status

Has the signing invitation arrived or have I accidentally entered the wrong email address? Track your documents with our delivery status!

100% mobile-friendly

Resly's services are of course all mobile-friendly, so you can conduct your business wherever you are.


Do you use many IT solutions? Integrate with resly using API.

Multiple documents

Sign one or more documents in the same envelope.

Several signees

An unlimited amount of signees can be added to sign your envelope-

Multiple companies

As a user, you can have several companies or associations on the same account.

Social sign-in

Does your company use Google Work or Microsoft 365? These accounts can be used to sign in.

Multi-factor authentication

Protecting your account is crucial, that's why we offer multi-factor authentication.

Require multi-factor authentication

Do you handle sensitive documents? Require all members of the company to enable multi-factor authentication.

User management

Invite all your colleagues to access the most straightforward e-signature service.

User roles

When inviting users, you can decide whether they should be administrators or regular users.

Person responsible for the envelope

Who is responsible for the envelope? This function will allow for easier follow-up.

Signing message

Do you need to send a supplementary message before signing? Write it directly in the shipment.

Automatic notifaction

Once everyone has signed the document, it can then be sent out automatically to all parties.

Signing status

Do you want to know if the envelope has been opened or signed? Have a look at the signing status.

Unknown SSN

Do you want the signee to sign with e-ID and you don't know their social security number? Let the signee fill in the social security number themselves.


Anyone who has missed signing? Then send a reminder manually.

Email invitation

The signature request is automatically sent by email to the signatories.

Integrated payment system

We integrate with Stripe Checkout for maximum security and ease of use for our customers.

Monthly or annual subscription

Add the card and everything is done automatically. Receipt will be sent by email.

Sign on spot

Do you want to sign digitally on the spot? You can now do this directly from the administration interface without having to open the email!


It is possible for companies and associations to pay by invoice and if so it is a yearly subscription.


The language can be switched from Swedish to English.

Adjustable modules

Are you not using all our smart modules such as "Contract Archive" or "Groups"? You now have the option to turn these off for an even cleaner user interface.

Your company's new e-signature tool