Digitalization in the construction industry

Digital signing has changed the way we handle documents and contracts, and the construction industry is no exception. More and more companies in the construction sector are turning to digital solutions to streamline their processes and reduce paperwork.  Discover how your construction company can benefit from using digital signing and how it can improve your business.

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Digital signering

Faster and easier contracting processes 

Construction projects often involve a variety of contracts, from employment contracts to subcontractor and supplier agreements. With digital signing, these contracts can be sent, reviewed and signed quickly and easily, reducing time and allowing your business to focus on moving the project forward.

Improved traceability and control

E-signing platforms such as Resly enables you to easily track which documents have been sent for signing, when they have been opened and when they have been signed. This gives you a better overview of your contracts and processes and makes it easier to comply with legal requirements and internal procedures.


Safety and legal certainty

Digital signering innebär att varje signatur är unik och kopplad till en specifik person, vilket minskar risken för förfalskningar och missbruk. E-signeringsplattformar använder avancerad kryptering för att skydda dokumenten, vilket innebär att din konfidentiella information förblir säker.

Improved cooperation and communication

Digital solutions enables smoother collaboration and communication between project management, contractors, suppliers and customers. By using digital signing, your construction company can ensure that all parties receive the right information at the right time and that everyone is on the same page regarding contracts and agreements. 


Eco-friendly and cost-effective 

By reducing paperwork and avoiding printing, copying and physical storage of documents, digital signing can contribute to a more sustainable business. In addition, e-signature solutions can be cost-effective, as they reduce the need for paper handling and save time.

Using digital signatures in the construction industry can contribute to more efficient, safe and sustainable operations. By embracing digital solutions, your construction company can save time and resources, improve collaboration between parties, and ensure that your contracts and agreements are accurate and legally valid. If your construction company has not considered using digital signing yet, it is time to start exploring the many benefits this technology offers.

So take the step towards a more digitalized construction industry and start benefiting from digital signing today. Not only will it improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, but it will also contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future!


What can the construction industry sign digitally?


Construction companies often sign contracts with clients, subcontractors, and suppliers. These contracts can be signed electronically using an e-sign service.

Change orders

Change orders are common in the construction industry and involve modifying the original contract. These orders can also be signed electronically.


Invoices are used to request payment for services rendered or goods provided. E-signatures can be used to sign invoices, which can expedite the payment process.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders are used to order goods or services from suppliers. E-signatures can be used to sign purchase orders, which can help streamline the purchasing process.

Certificates of completion

Construction projects often require certificates of completion to be signed by the contractor and the client. These certificates can be signed electronically.

Waivers and releases

Waivers and releases are often used in the construction industry to release one party from liability. These documents can also be signed electronically.

Employment agreements

You are in an attractive industry and probably need new employees. Sign the employment agreement digitally.

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