Digital signing in the auditing industry!

The audit industry, which has traditionally relied on paperwork and physical documents, is undergoing a digital transformation. Digital signing or e-signing offers many benefits for audit firms looking to improve their processes and become more efficient. Here we will explore how the audit industry can benefit from using digital signing and how it can improve your company's operations.

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Digital signering

Streamlining workflows and reducing lead times

The audit process often involves a large number of documents that need to be reviewed, approved and signed by multiple parties. With e-signing, audit firms can quickly and easily send documents for signing and review, reducing lead times and increasing productivity.

Security and legal certainty

Digital signing ensures that each signature is unique and linked to a specific individual, reducing the risk of forgery and irregularities. E-signing with Resly protects documents using advanced encryption, ensuring that your sensitive information remains protected. In addition, e-signing generates digital traces that can be used to validate the signing process and ensure legal protection.


Improved traceability and document management

Digital signing simplifies the tracking of documents sent for signing, their opening date and signing time. This provides a better overview of your documents and work processes, facilitating compliance with archiving and reporting requirements.

Smoother cooperation and communication

E-signing facilitates cooperation and communication between audit firms, clients, authorities and other stakeholders. By using digital signing, your audit firm can ensure that everyone involved receives the right information at the right time and that everyone agrees on contracts and agreements.


Cost savings and environmental sustainability

Digital signing helps create a more sustainable business by reducing paperwork and eliminating the need to print, copy and physically store documents. E-signature solutions can also be cost-effective as they reduce paper handling and save time.

Digital signing can offer significant benefits to audit firms looking to improve their processes and become more efficient. By implementing e-signature technology in your business, you can improve workflows, increase security and legal certainty, save time and money, and improve collaboration with clients and other stakeholders. This in turn can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a more competitive position in the market.

By investing in a digital signing solution that suits your needs, you can ensure that your audit firm is well prepared to meet the challenges of the future and benefit from the digital revolution.

So take the step towards a more digitalized audit industry and start exploring the benefits of digital signing today. Not only will it improve efficiency and productivity within your company, but it will also contribute to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable business. It's time to embrace the digital transformation and see how e-signing can revolutionize your audit firm.


How audit firms use Resly

Annual report

Let the board, CEO and auditor sign the annual report digitally wherever they are in the world.

Annual General Meeting

Signing the AGM digitally is a simple and secure way to confirm that you as a shareholder have participated in the meeting and approved the decisions taken. It also reduces the risk of errors and lost documents.

The audit report

The auditor can quickly and easily sign the audit report digitally.

Customer agreements

Do you have customer contracts that need to be signed before the deal closes or do you just need to update commitments or hours from year to year?

Employment agreements

You are in an attractive industry and probably need new employees. Why not sign the employment contract digitally?

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