Digital signatures in non-profit and sports associations! 

Non-profit associations and sports clubs often deal with a multitude of documents, such as membership applications, sponsorship agreements and board protocols. E-signing can offer several benefits to such organizations by streamlining processes, saving time and resources, and improving member communication. Below we will explore the main benefits of using e-signature for non-profit organizations, such as sports clubs.

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Digital signering

Time efficiency

E-signing can save time for non-profit organizations by speeding up the process of signing and archiving documents. Members, board members and staff can easily and quickly sign documents remotely, reducing the need for physical meetings and easing administration.

Cutting costs

For non-profit organizations, where budgets are often limited, e-signing can help reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper, ink, printers and postage. Electronic signatures also reduce the risk of errors and lost documents, which can lead to further cost savings.


More efficient administration

E-signing can improve administrative processes by making it easier to track and manage documents. Electronic signatures can be easily stored and organized digitally, making it easier to find and recall documents when needed. This can make it easier for board members and staff to manage the association's documentation.

Improved communication

Resly enables members, board members and sponsors to easily sign documents from anywhere and at any time, as long as they have internet access. This increases accessibility and includes people who may not be able to physically attend meetings or activities due to geographical limitations, health issues or other factors.



Digital documents and e-signatures simplify the archiving and organization of important documents. Digital documents are easier to search, retrieve and store than paper-based documents. In addition, digital storage minimizes the risk of losing or destroying documents, which can be crucial for meeting legal requirements and securing evidence in the event of legal disputes.

For non-profit associations and sports clubs, e-signing can offer significant benefits, such as time and cost savings, more efficient administration, increased security and improved communication. By implementing e-signature in your association, you can take advantage of these benefits and help your organization operate more smoothly and efficiently in a digital world.


What can you as a non-profit organization or sports club sign digitally?

Non-profit organizations and sports clubs may need to sign and manage a variety of agreements and documents. Here are some examples of contracts that non-profit organizations often deal with: 


Agreements regulating the conditions of membership of the association or sports club, including rights, obligations and fees.

Sponsorship agreements

Agreements between the association and sponsors detailing the terms of sponsorship, such as financial support, marketing and reciprocal benefits.

Contract of employment

Agreements between the association and employees, including coaches, administrative staff and other workers, setting out employment conditions, pay, duties and other work-related aspects.

Service agreements

Agreements with external service providers, such as accounting services, legal advice, marketing or technical support.

Rental agreements

Agreements regulating the use of facilities, equipment or premises, such as training rooms, offices or event spaces.

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